Sunday, March 05, 2006

Kirby Smith versus Richard Taylor

In March, 1863 Kirby Smith was named commander of the Confederate Department of the Trans-Mississippi. Richard Taylor, at the time in command of the small Confederate force in Louisiana, hailed his appointment.

Very quickly, though, things went wrong between them. Taylor criticized Smith's timid strategies, while Smith considered Taylor insubordinate. Generally, Taylor's reputation as a military leader has fared better than Smith's.

The Editor would like to hear thoughts on the Smith versus Taylor rivalry.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Did Events in the Trans-Mississippi Matter ?

Even the most disinterested student of the Civil War has heard about Gettysburg, the Army of Northern Virginia and the classic struggles between Lee and Grant in Virginia. Many are familiar with the War in the West, and the battles of Fort Donelson, Stones River, and Franklin. But relatively few follow those battles and campaigns that took place in the Confederate Department of the Trans-Mississippi, which covered the states of Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Missouri.

Did the fall of Port Hudson (technically not in the Trans-Mississippi as it was on the east bank of the Mississippi in Louisiana) and the Red River Campaign make any difference at all in the outcome of the war ?

The Editor would like to hear from readers with their points of veiw on this topic.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

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Columnists Wanted

The Editor is seeking contributing columnists to post stories on various topics related to the Civil War in the Trans-Mississippi. Topics of interest: Book Reviews, Scholarship, Biographical Sketches of Key Participants, Genealogy, Battles, Web Site Reviews, Editorials. Compensation: high levels of psychic income.

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